A new approach based on ant algorithm for volt/var control in distribution network considering distributed generation



Recently, in many countries, power systems are moving towards creating a competitive structure for trading electrical energy. These changes, along with the numerous advantages of the Distributed Generators (DGs), have created more incentives for distribution companies to use these kinds of generators more than ever before. The Volt/Var control is one of the most important control schemes in distribution networks, which can be affected by DGs. This paper presents a new approach for the Volt/Var control in distribution networks. The output reactive powers of the DGs, Static Var Compensators (SVCs), Load Tap Changers (LTCs) and the settings of the local controllers are chosen as the control variables. To solve the Volt/Var control, which is a nonlinear optimization problem, a new hybrid algorithm based on the Ant Colony and Genetic methods is presented. Also, this paper presents an approach to incorporate the model of the DGs and SVCs in the load flow equations of distribution systems. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach is illustrated on IEEE 34-bus test system.