Parnian: a two-stage nested-auction for dynamic bandwidth allocation in ethernet passive optical networks



One of the key challenges in next generation access networks based on Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) technology is Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) process. In this paper we have proposed ‘Parnian’, a two-stage nested-auction for dynamic bandwidth allocation management in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks. In the proposed ‘Parnian’ method, by running nested auction, based on EPON architecture, the Optical Network Units locally optimize the users' bandwidth requests by first stage auction and then the Optical Line Terminal runs the second stage auction for allocating the requested bandwidths dynamically and effectively. Simulation results show that ‘Parnian’, in comparison with the Fair Sharing with Dual Service Level Agreement (FSD-SLA) and limited service Interleaved polling with adaptive cycle time (IPACT) experiences more delay, but regarding other quality of service parameters such as execution time, packet loss ratio, line utilization, and throughput, it has a better performance.